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Sam's Story

                                                    Welcome to Sam’s Pack, welcome to our family - we are so excited to have you here!  

Sam was originally our foster Shepherd mix puppy, but we fell in love with this kind hearted clumsy puppy, and he is the true inspiration and muse behind Sam’s Pack. 

Our goal is to create simple, wholesome, yet delicious treats for our best fur friends. How do you - yourself - feel after eating a bunch of junk food? Guilty? Tired? Without any energy? Well, that's the same for animals, and when we read some labels of the ingredients that go in those ready-to-eat snacks for dogs we were simply shocked: from preservatives, coloring, name it. Sam has a very sensitive stomach (or should I just say he is simply not used to all those harmful ingredients - but who is?), so those snacks were just making him sick and feeling tired. Not only unhealthy but also unnecessary.

At Sam's Pack, we want to change this. We promise complete transparency to our pack members by keeping our ingredients list sweet and simple - to the very minimum. We carefully select the farms where we source the ingredients from.

We only choose the freshest, organic, human-grade ingredients. Our small batch treats contains no preservatives, no added salt or sugar. Sam literally goes GAGA over them! When we first made them for Sam, we shared the goodies with Sam’s best friends - like Acer, Omega, Jaeger, Luna, Arya and Arlo. And they all went nuts for them! For us - this was the beginning of Sam’s Pack. We can’t wait to welcome more wagging tails to our community, and love to see your fun adventurous stories with your well-nourished besties. We know your pooch will too go CRAZY over Sam’s Pack treats! Don't take our word for it, just let your dog try them and tell you ;-) 


Ron & Rachel ( Sam's Hooman )