Farms We Trust

The farms we source the ingredients from for Sam's Pack are all carefully selected. They ensure sustainable farm practices by abiding the principles of regenerative farming. Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming system. Animals raised in such farms are well managed, grazing, grass-fed livestocks.
We carefully select farms we source our ingredients from, as we only want the best for our besties!



Hay Mama, a farm located in Montana is dedicated to providing the highest quality 100% grass-fed beef products while ensuring land sustainability and rich biodiversity. Their beef is high in Omega 3, Vitamin A and B1, and Iron. It is humanely raised, always grass-fed, grass-finished, and grain-free.

Stemple Creek Ranch
Stemple Creek Ranch is a family business nestled in Northern California. Most of their pastureland is Certified Organic, and the free range beef and lamb are 100% grass fed and grass finished. Their animals are never supplemented with grains, corn, or soy, and never receive artificial hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics. The pigs are humanely raised in large outdoor pens where they enjoy a vegetarian diet with plenty of room to socialize and express natural behaviors.
Marin Sun Farms is a meat company committed to creating a more sustainable food system by empowering farmers, conserving our landscapes and restoring the vitality of the foodshed and its inhabitants. Marin Sun Farms proudly operates the last remaining USDA inspected slaughterhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, a certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved facility, and provide the highest quality meats available in California.
               Diestel Family Ranch raise food that they are proud to eat and proud to share. Everything is produced according to strict animal welfare and environmental standards. From our commitment to regenerative agriculture, to the fresh pine-wood shavings that line our barns, to the natural and organic cleaners we use, to the generous spaces we give our birds to roam, to pioneering innovative new processes, we make only choices we’d be proud to talk about—like deciding to become one of the first turkey producers to earn a Global Animal Partnership Step 5 rating.


We are always looking for the best, and still searching for more amazing farmers out there - stay tuned for updates on our new farm partners.